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Defining Access

At the 2008 access meeting, participants agreed that, for PDPs, “access” refers to a coordinated set of activities needed to ensure that the products developed will ultimately have an equitable public health impact. Achieving that impact requires products that are available, affordable, and acceptable to end‐users, and adopted into developing country health systems. The role of PDPs in addressing these four concepts has varied from doing, to facilitating, to advocating for others to take action. In order to be successful, PDPs need to collaborate closely with developing countries throughout the process from pre‐clinical development to product adoption.

Although access activities vary due to differences between interventions (drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, or insecticides) and disease contexts (e.g., presence of disease‐specific supporting systems or financing), there is a logical flow of potential access activities according to the stage of product or intervention development. The publication resulting from the 2008 meeting lists the activities that participants identified as falling under the term “access”.

2008 PDP Meeting Publication