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The overall goal of the PDP Access Group is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiencies of Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) in the area of access and to contribute to the knowledge base of PDP access work.


New medicines, vaccines and diagnostics are needed to tackle the life-threatening and debilitating diseases suffered by people in low and middle income countries. The core mission of the Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) is to develop appropriate products – acceptable, affordable and available – for use in low and middle income settings. Ensuring access to these products, so that they reach those who need them most, is a significant challenge which must be considered early on in product development.

This challenge is clearly recognized by the PDP community, and PDPs, donors and other partners are actively involved in discussions to identify the key components for the development of effective access strategies. As part of this process, the existence of multiple PDPs, with their various experiences in maximizing product access, provides a unique opportunity for information sharing.

PDP Access teams are responsible for providing critical input throughout the research and development process to ensure alignment of products with what is needed to eventually achieve public health impact; they also facilitate a smooth transition of products to implementing organizations. Each team is working to establish effective mechanisms to accomplish this within their PDP, in the specific context of their disease and modality. The PDP Access Group is helping each group to understand how lessons from elsewhere can be applied to their particular situation.