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Independent evaluation confirms IFFIm success


IFFIm saves many additional lives and money, and has helped “transform GAVI from a niche actor into a major player in international health.” That’s the conclusion of a well-respected, independent health care consulting firm in a new, independent evaluation of IFFIm, noting that the programme should be expanded.

“This evaluation positively affirms what we have long known: IFFIm is a success,” says Alan Gillespie, Chair of the IFFIm Board of Directors.

“IFFIm raises capital efficiently, makes good use of frontloading and is a strong vehicle for further donor investment.”

Low-cost, efficient model

The evaluation, by London-based HLSP and commissioned by GAVI at the request of the IFFIm board of directors, describes the model under which IFFIm operates as “proven” to be a low-cost, efficient way to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals by improving global health and achieving predictability in global health funding.

The report also notes that IFFIm can be credited with saving at least 2.75 million lives.

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